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Sample Resume Letter. Serif or sans serif? Sans (without) serif baptistère are those like Arial as well as Calibri that don't have the little finishing strokes on the finishes of each letter. There is a lot of research and debate around the pros and cons of each. Short tale: use what you like, inside reason; note what companies use; generally sans serif fonts are used for on-monitor reading through and serif fonts bring lengthy print items (like books); serif fonts might be considered more formal. Examination: ask someone to look at any document for five secs; take away the document; ask the individual what font was about the document; see if s/he actually noticed the style. A too-small or too-large font will get noticed, as does a strange style.

Résumés and include letters are marketing resources that represent you, the task applicant. View samples of this tool on the Career Center web site to help you compose or change your own résumés and protect letters. For additional samples, get in touch with the Career Services.
We can assist! Attend our workshops for your basics on resume and also cover letter writing. Get suggestions from the hundreds of different structure resumes available in our profession library. Have a staff member review your resume for content, format and accuracy, no visit necessary!

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